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Falmouth based makers of beautiful one-off pieces of furniture.


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Scott Woyka Furniture

"I strive to create furniture exuding warmth, beauty and soul. Every piece is a chapter in our short lives with a story of its own. From our first meeting to handing over your piece of furniture we are focused on bringing you a piece that will delight and inspire you." Scott Woyka

Established in 1995, Scott Woyka Furniture have built up a reputation for producing superb furniture. With a passion for wood, and respect for fine making skills, he takes a long term approach to the business. He enjoys working with clients to fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.

Scott Woyka makes to the highest standards and has a plethora of different techniques to employ when making your furniture. On some of their work the techniques are highly energised and relatively primitive. On finer work they change pace and use more subdued, highly skilled methods. Alongside their wood skills they also work with metals, glass, leather and stone or will often employ the skills of others on complex projects to achieve their goals. 


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