Embark Ferry Art

1 October — 1 November 2009

'Edge of Day' by artist Jane Townshend

Throughout October Embark: Ferry Art presents the series Edge of Day by artist Jane Townshend, who has recently completed an MA in Authorial Illustration at University College Falmouth.

Townshend's work explores the notion of landscape, the way in which the familiar and fixed shape of a place is transformed by the quality of changing light and season. Edge of Day offers drawings from a series made in Penzance at nightfall, in the spring and early autumn of this year.

In part an expression of love for the town and growing out of the simple pleasure of observational drawing, the pieces extend beyond these origins in terms of emotional resonance. Made during the 'between' times of half-light and at the seasonal turning points of the year, the drawings balance the intimacy of lighted windows and doorways with a sense of silence and loneliness, the viewer placed always at the margin as observer.

The 2009 programme of Embark: Ferry Art shows is curated by FOTONOW and can be viewed when using the King Harry Ferry service. The exhibitions are supported by King Harry Ferry, University College Falmouth and the Sign Shop Penryn.

For more information about the project contact info@fotonow.org.