Plastic Planet Blues :: Ferry Embark Art

9 — 30 September 2009

by Georgina Maxwell

Throughout September 'Embark: Ferry Art' presents the series 'Plastic Planet Blues' by Georgina Maxwell (exhibited on-board the King Harry Ferry). Maxwell's art practice focuses on the environmental catastrophe of marine plastic pollution, highlighting the silent suffering of cetaceans and other marine wildlife and their struggle for survival within a desensitized plastic-addicted society.

Maxwell's concerns reach out beyond the visual nature of this pollution 'research of chemicals inherent in plastics reveals that synthetic pollution is responsible for much greater environmental damage than previously suspected. Chemical compounds used in the production of plastics are causing diseases such as cancer, endocrine disruption, behavioural problems, immune system failure and other debilitating, fatal illnesses to marine life on a global scale.'

The 2009 programme of shows is curated by FOTONOW and are supported by King Harry Ferry, University College Falmouth and the Sign Shop Penryn. For more information about the project contact