Seaquest gets new crew

14 August — 30 December 2007

Orca Sea Safaris welcomes on board Matt and Laura

THE LARGEST purpose built wildlife watching RIB in the UK, The Seaquest of Falmouth, has two new crew.

Matt McLeod and Laura Bailey will be taking passengers out to sea to spot basking sharks, dolphins and seals on the 35 foot vessel, which is capable of travelling up to 50 knots.

Thirty-four-year-old Matt has moved back to Cornwall with his wife Karen and their three boys after spending the last 17 years in New Zealand where he was skipper of a commercial passenger yacht.

“Seaquest is an amazing RIB – we have spotted so much wildlife over the last week, that our sightings log book is brimming,“ he said. “I heard that Cornwall Ferries, which runs Orca Sea Safaris was looking for a new skipper and having done something very similar in New Zealand, I jumped at the chance to get back out on the water.”

Matt is joined by Laura, aged 21,  who has just completed a degree in conservation, biology and ecology at Tremough near Penryn and is in charge of pointing out all the wildlife to the passengers. She said: "This is my dream jobs - I came on Seaquest during the first year of my degree and absolutely loved it. To be able to use all the knowledge I've gained through my degree and talk not onl about the wildlife but the geology and geography of the area too, is great. Passenger have ranged from local birdwatchers to large families, but theyhave all come back to Falmouth with big smiles on their faces and hopefully more knowledge about the wildlife of Cornwall and how they can help us protect it."

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