The Fal Mussel Card proving to be a great success!

29 July — 31 December 2011

Its only the beginning of the Summer Holidays and yet the Fal Mussel Card is proving to be a great success!

Sales on the Fal Mussel Card have rocketed this Summer and with three different cards to choose we can understand why...

The Fal Mussel Card Visitor allows you to head out and enjoy unlimited, hassle free travel on the Fal River Links network. This award winning service includes classic ferries, scenic train rides and rural bus services, as well as miles of beautiful coastal walks and car free cycle paths that you can use to get around the river.

The Fal Mussel Visitor Plus includes unlimited access to the multitude of attractions, gardens, castles, walks, beaches and gardens that surround the river. (Works well with the Fal Mussel Card Visitor)

The Fal Mussel Card Local is a new transport card that replaces the paper concession passes on the King Harry & St Mawes Ferry. The new card is ideally suited to locals, commuters and regular users of the ferries!

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