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Pura Vida Cornwall

Love, Camera… Action

Wedding videography is often overlooked, considered an extra detail to be included if there’s money still left in the budget. However, photography as beautiful as it is, will never be able to capture the emotions you both had as you walked down the aisle, the way your dress rippled when you moved, that first kiss, the confetti trailing through your hair or that special moment alone with your flower girl. Sure, a still image may capture these moments but it is simply that… still, a moment in time.

Video witnesses these moments from all angles and Pura Vida has the expertise, the creative eye and the energy to express your wedding authentically through film. Both lively and love-filled, the entire ethos behind Pura Vida is one of living life to the fullest and is about embodying a lifestyle more than simply a name. It’s about being stress-free, embracing simplicity, about positivity and passion combined. All things reflected in the way that Mike from Pura Vida captures his couples.

It’s not about a shot list, the fancy kit or setting up staged scenarios. It’s happy, upbeat, immersive and exciting but above all, it’s real. He’s there at the heart of the action capturing your connection as a couple and instead of pressing pause on these precious moments (like a photograph), he’s pressing play.


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