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Blog 2

28 May — 30 June 2010

Monday was the first chance...

'Monday was the first chance I've had to get out and enjoy the 'Fal River Festival' this year, and it began with food. The Greenbank Hotel's Sanjay Kumar and Rick Stein's Mark Puckey, appearing on the Events Square stage along with two teams from Marlborough School's 'Let's get cooking' club. Especially down here in Cornwall, there's a lot more to fish than fish fingers, and it was great to see the enthusiasm with which the youngsters tackled their task, and to smell the final result. Unfortunately there wasn't enough to go round the audience, leaving me with the problem of hunger... and too many choices.

The main tent was literally bubbling over with food from a number of local restaurants, but in the end it was a pasty that won the day, with the smiles of Rick Stein's ladies putting even his to shame as they served me. I'll be back down there in the morning to see what else I can try.'