Blog 6

28 May — 30 June 2010

'Make a show in a day.'

There's a sign on the gate behind The Princess Pavilion that says 'Help us bring Gyllyngdune Gardens to life', well that certainly happened on Wednesday. The Gardens are always a pleasant place to take a stroll, particularly given the glorious weather we've been having; but they weren't to be recommended on Wednesday afternoon, not unless you were a wolf that is, or a woodcutter. Because that was the day Ollie and Angelina from the Rogue Theatre company, along  with their cast of budding young actors and actresses, staged their version of Little Red Riding Hood.

I was lucky enough to catch the final rehearsal, following the well known story as it unfolded during our journey through the gardens until the woodcutter finally despatched the wolf with his axe, and rescued not only Little Red Riding Hood, but all his other victims as well. I was really impressed by the way the cast reacted to the direction they were given, but more important by far was the way they were clearly enjoying themselves.