Come on in, the water is lovely!

1 August — 1 October 2010

Beautiful walks and food so good you want to elope with the cook!

August is always a funny month and this one seems to be shaping up to that exacting standard. So much to do and so may people to do it with.

The Fal Oyster Card and the Pandora ferry are too good things to which we are focusing our energies this month. Both require regular meetings at the wonderful Pandora Inn which has to be a bonus.

The weather is nothing but predictable and good job we have gortex and hats. Hope you have both and enjoy you time id King Harry's Cornwall.

Long range forecast for Sept is poor so we should have a cracking indian Summer so best bring your sun hat as well.

September is a wonderful month for seeing Cornwall without the August crowds and we hope you have a great time.