Dolphins sighted last week on an Orca Sea Safari

15 September — 15 October 2007

Common Dolphins 12:12 PM Sat 8 September 2007 50°N 3' 42", 5°W 2' 12"

We set out from Falmouth on Saturday morning with the sun burning through the early morning mist. The water was like glass as we headed out past Black Rock and the 8 Grey seals basking on the rock in the early morning sun.

Heading South gradually more and more birds came into view… first gannets, flying past, then more Gannets sat on the water along with large numbers of gulls. Fish were jumping out the water as the boat flew past and then there they were... Common dolphins!!!

We could see a group of approximately 10 feeding and then three other groups further out, about 40 in all!

We sat watching them for a time at a respectable distance and then as we moved away, they started to come towards us, riding our bow wave, swimming under the boat and splashing around. They stayed with us for about half an hour……


Many thanks,

Orca Sea Safaris

Pic courtesy of passenger: Victoria Clare

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