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Fal River Visitor Information Centre celebrates first anniversary

From 14 August 2012

Record-breaking year for Fal River Visitor Information Centre as first anniversary is celebrated.

Guests joined the team behind the Fal River Visitor Information Centre (FRVIC) at a special birthday party to celebrate a successful first year in operation.

Since opening in August 1 2011, following the closure of Falmouth’s Tourist Information Centre, the team have welcomed over 85,000 people through the door, received over 3,500 phone calls and had 4,000 emails.

The centre on Prince of Wales Pier was rescued by Cornwall Ferries Ltd, the company behind the Fal River Cornwall marketing initiative, Fal River Festival and King Harry Ferry, with support from Falmouth Town Council, Falmouth BID and Visit Cornwall.

Nicola Kneebone, FRVIC manager, said: 'On behalf of all the staff and the team at Fal River Cornwall, can I say a big thank you to all those who have supported us through our first year.

'It has been a huge success, mainly due to the fantastic staff and band of merry volunteers, and extended support network from Fal River Cornwall, without whom we simply wouldn't be where we are now.

'I also want to say a huge thank you to all the accommodation providers, retails outlets and attractions for their continued support for the centre, who I hope are now seeing the returns for their efforts.'

Invaluable work

The FRVIC has also added almost £20,000 to the local economy through over 140 direct accommodation referrals on top of direct bookings through www.falmouth.co.uk.

Richard Gates, Falmouth Town Centre manager, said: 'The work that Nicola and the team at the Fal River Visitor Information Centre have undertaken since opening is invaluable.

'Having a point of contact within Falmouth to assist visitors as well as the local population shows a positive customer facing approach and one that must not be underestimated.

'It is important that the centre continues to change with the times, offering more services and thereby making the function more sustainable.

'In this challenging economic climate Falmouth must be doing everything possible to highlight the area, the VIC and all its roles including the Town Guide are one of the key mechanisms for achieving this.'

The FRVIC team has also introduced a series of initiatives for 2012 including a new membership package open to all accommodation providers, retail outlets and attractions around the area

There has also been a new Falmouth guide to showcase the offering in Falmouth to encourage new visitors, and increase length and frequency of stay and in conjunction with Falmouth Town Council and the Falmouth BID. It can also, for the first time, be downloaded from www.falmouth.co.uk.

Distribution has also been improved with the guide now being developed to 300 Tourist Information Centres around the country, together with a guide request button on the website.