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Falmouth Aquarium celebrates warm welcome

From 30 August 2012

VIPs welcomed to Falmouth Aquarium as the attraction moves from strength to strength after its launch.

Falmouth Aquarium has held a special thank you party ten-days after throwing its doors open to the public.

Falmouth Aquarium opened on Monday, August 13 with over 600 visitors in the first two days exploring the many tanks displaying curious marine-life, as well as a wide range of exhibitions.

As a thank you to everyone who made this possible, co-founders Johanna Naradzay and Barry Pope, invited special guests to an after-hours VIP viewing and hospitality last Thursday evening (Thursday, August 23).

With the mission of 'inspiring love and knowledge of the oceans around us', guests at the party were treated to a Starlight Tour of the 4 story townhouse in the heart of Falmouth, which features 14 large tanks teaming with wildlife.

Johanna explains why this special event was so important to her and Barry: 'Our idea of putting an aquarium into the centre of Falmouth has been received by so much support and enthusiasm from the whole county,' she said.

'People have rallied round and run with the idea and the opening last week was a huge achievement. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help, so we held a special party to say a proper thank you.'

'Although some of our guests had already visited, they saw lots of different behaviour as the marine-life changes throughout the 24-hour cycle.

'We called it our Starlight Tour and it is something that we hope to treat other visitors to later in the year.'

Life aquatic

Falmouth Aquarium is a unique Cornish charity with local and international links, bringing world-wide acclaim.

It is the only charity aquarium in the region which enables visitors to both see and learn about marine life, as well as showcasing exhibits to share information from across the world.

As it is a not for profit establishment, the entry fees are low and the mission to promote marine conservation is its core principle.

A brand new and exciting all-weather tourist attraction and educational facility, it is a place where the public start to understand and fall in love with the oceans (if they don’t already!), providing the opportunity to watch and learn about sea-life.

Visitors are estimated to be in the region of 30,000 to 40,000 people a year, from families staying in the area and classes visiting from local schools, through to corporate business functions and journalists.

The aquarium will hold workshops, meetings and lectures for the public on local marine conservation and education, working with partners, attracting people in from across the county and beyond.

Falmouth Aquarium hopes to support other local businesses by helping to boost visitor numbers to the town and the county, and with such a huge amount of traffic passing through its doors.

Now fully open to the public, Falmouth Aquarium is hoping that their facility will be a popular attraction where people can see, touch and hear the oceans, whilst learning about the various challenges facing our marine environment – both now and in the future.

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