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Falmouth BIDS support of Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week

6 October — 6 November 2009

a great success

The Falmouth Business Improvement District manifesto has already proven to be a great success with positive results being experienced by local publicans during 2009's successful Falmouth Week. This has been due to the enthusiasm of the Events and Festivals Working Group, particularly Jayne Griggs and Falmouth Pubs United and the BIDS sponsorship and support of the fun packed activities on the Moor that saw an extension of traditional shore side activities.

BIDS recent support for Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week, which was lead by the BIDS Events & Festivals working group and its recently-appointed Board Director, Sam Groom oversaw the implementation of a new programme of activities that complemented the existing shore side events. The activities were designed to boost visitor numbers, footfall and spend. All of which were achieved during the fun filled festivities.

The festival group behind the successful shoreside activities comprises of a range of volunteers, Jayne Griggs from The Prince of Wales Pub; Matthew Pearce from WC Rowe's the Bakers; Falmouth market organiser, Emma Gilkes from Sheikyerbooty; John Hick from Pendra Loweth and Falmouth Town Manager, David Pollard drove the activities forward and enabled the positive results to be achieved.

Sam Groom explained "Our enthusiastic group of volunteers decided to focus on organising and sponsoring activities for children during the day and by providing an alternative music stage and bar area on the Moor, as a means of attracting even more people to Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week and in an endeavour to spread the festival atmosphere across the whole of the town."

The exciting programme of activities that took place on the Moor under the banner of It's OK to Play was a real attraction for local families during the day. Claire Easton-Bassett, Event Cornwall, who helped organise the play time said "It was great to see so many families playing on the Moor, enjoying various activities run by the Falmouth Children Centre & Library. The success of the event shows how the Moor can be used in the future to increase visitor numbers and footfall into the town".

The Music on the Moor organised by Pubs United Falmouth saw a number of local bands perform with zest and enthusiasm. Jayne Griggs from The Prince of Wales Pub, helped organise the music and local bar, recorded 550 people per night. Jayne added "There was a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with everyone having fun". David Pollard, Falmouth Town Manager added "There was a noticeable high level of attendance and enjoyment from the local community".

A questionnaire has gone out to retail, accommodation providers and attractions within the Business Improvement District this week, asking for feedback. "The Events & Festivals Working Group are now looking to provide activities on The Moor during Falmouth Oyster Festival and to contribute to the overall promotion of the main activities at Events Square," added Sam Groom "I hope businesses will complete and return their questionnaires so we know we are on the right track and that Falmouth BID is making a difference."