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King Harry Ferry donates money to sailing charity

28 July 2008

A SAILING charity which offers rehabiliation to people affected by drug or alcohol addiction has received a £500 donation from the King Harry Ferry.

Sailaday OK, which was set up on 2002, offers trips for up to five days onboard Physis – a 33-foot Westerly Ketch sailing boat – and the money will help fund further courses.

Richard Lannowe Hall, Sailaday OK’s manager, said: "We’re very grateful for this money from King Harry Ferry. Not only will these funds directly translate into the provision of more therapeutic sailing sessions for local people but this type of endorsement acts as a lever to obtaining crucial funds from other quarters.”

The charity’s communications and fund-raising coordinator, Donal Fogarty, added: “Simply put, we take people struggling to rebuild lives destroyed by chemical dependency out sailing and give them an experience that truly changes lives.

”Our clients typically come from NHS or 3rd sector residential centres and are in a stable stage of their recovery program. The ultimate aim of Sailaday OK is to give participants a positive experience of themselves. On the boat they’re in charge, they’re part of a team, they’re vital – what they do matters. They have to learn how to work together, take orders and lead a watch. They also need to learn how to sail and safely navigate in Cornwall’s challenging offshore conditions.

“Aided by a qualified skipper and therapist these new skills are translated into the tools they need to overcome their individual barriers to inclusion and re-integration into society. This experience is a powerful catalyst for lasting change – a change that for many represents the first solid step towards returning to families, education, employment or training,” Mr Fogarty explained.

Mr Fogarty said the money from the King Harry Ferry is particularly important: “A local community foundation has recently pledged to grant us £3000 pounds. But this is dependant on us obtaining the further funds of nearly £10,000 needed for our 2008 season. We have some very exciting sponsorship opportunities for any business wishing to raise their community profile and at the same time reach their customers in a creative manner.”

Managing director of the King Harry Ferry, Tim Light, said: " I liked the idea of using the sea as a tool to help heal and with small charities even relatively small amounts of money can make a difference to a large number of people who deserve a second chance"

For more information on Sailaday OK, contact Mr Fogarty on 07905 038327

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