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Skippers' Blog | A sense of Place...

From 21 May 2013

Catch up with all the goings on aboard the Place Ferry in this weekly round up of the Skipper's Blog.

Our Skippers will be blogging throughout the season, giving you an insight into the day to day life of the Cornwall Ferries fleet. The following is from Place Ferry Skipper, Simon Hammond.

May 8

Place Ferry was relatively quiet today as the weather continues to be variable. It started off rather overcast and cold and then started to rain keeping customers firmly ashore in the Cafe Chandlers and other places. Sunshine then burst out but the wind increased. Four seasons in one day!

The rising South Westerly made the journey across a little damp as the strengthening wind and returning tide made the sea quite choppy.

The forecast is for high winds tomorrow and this will mean that the Place Ferry service will be suspended tomorrow until this bad weather blows through.

May 12

Another less than busy day for the Place Ferry skipper as the weather continues to be very changeable. There do however remain some adventurous sorts...

Place Ferry Blog

This couple from Liverpool have been coming to St Mawes for some 30 plus years. One of their first trips was by Lambretta scooter from Liverpool when they were teenagers.

The luggage on the back of the scooter made it tip up and they managed the journey in just two days! They stayed at Place Manor when it was an hotel where they were served their food through the kitchen hatch.

May 14

A new day for many today. Jennifer a future Place Ferry skipper practices her mooring skills on the St Mawes slipway. An excellent day for practice as she makes a safe approach to St Mawes slipway.

Place Ferry Blog

The weather looks settled here but the wind freshened and we had a great day bouncing around the bay. All of our customers enjoyed themselves.

Phil and Hillary new members to the St Mawes community aboard their RIB. Phil, an old cornishman, is trying to get Hillary to become a salty sea dog. This was their first trip out to the bay, which had become quite choppy. They did have a good day, and they were dressed immaculately.

Place Ferry Blog

May 19

Place Ferry skippers have a more interesting commute than others. This shows the arrival of the King Harry Ferry, a chain link ferry, on the Feock side and ferry skipper Simon awaits the green light so that he can get across to the Philleigh side.

King Harry Ferry

It takes approximately 10 mintes to get to the other side and then another 10 minutes to drive to St Mawes. A very pleasant drive and one with little traffic other than the occasional tractor.

The weather was a little unsettled in St Mawes, but the subsequent two pictures with cyclists aboard Livingstone (a different commute) making the Place to St Mawes link shows a darkening cloud as opposed to lovely sunshine.

Place Ferry Blog

We offer value for money in Cornwall with four seasons in one day! A busy day with Germans, Swedes and Danes making up some of the international contingent.

Place Ferry Blog

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