Skippers' Blog | St Mawes Micro Climate

From 28 June 2013

Changeable weather is St Mawes has been the subject of much debate with the customers and the our skipper Simon.

The weather conditions at St Mawes were beautiful this morning as the pictures shows.


Little wind and plenty of sunshine.  

Weather forecasting remains a subject of much debate between ferry skippers and our customers.  

We all agree that in these parts the weather is very difficult to predict. St Mawes tends to have it's own micro climate, which as subsequent pictures show how variable it can be throughout the day.  

The cloud cover brought more wind and this encouraged the sailing club members to venture out.  

Shrimpers, One Design and Working Boats were out in force. The best days thursdayevening sailing so far this season. The Working Boats have their world championship sailing regatta this weekend, with some 20 + boats out centered on St Mawes.

Another feature of ferry work in St Mawes remains the low tides and yesterday was no exception.  
Access to Place was only possible at 4.30 pm and here you can see the backlog of customers wishing to return. It was at this point that we deployed two boats and recovered everybody back to St Mawes either to meet a Falmouth ferry or to have a pint in good time. Tide tables are also subject to some debate as both highs and lows are more and less that they predict?! Clearly more of an art than a science

A good and busy day.