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Art World Gallery

The gallery, established in 2000, was formally based in the Cotswolds and has moved to Falmouth.

Completely independent and family run by Chris and Ellie. 

It has a reputation for its collection of some of the finest contemporary artist from France and Italy, many of whom are exclusive in the UK to Art World Gallery.

Since moving to Falmouth some wonderful Cornish artists have joined them. Chris and Ellie are very proud of their artists and will enthusiastically tell you all about them. David Jamin has been with the gallery for over 13 years; his work is strong, vibrant and filled with energy.

David started with the gallery as an unknown artist, yet sold to welcoming collectors right from the start, and since then he has become internationally acclaimed. Thomas Bossard is well known for his humour, encouraging us to never to let go of the child inside. These are just two of their French artists.

Cornish artists Simon Wilde and Rachel Damerell are abstract artists; Simon's paintings are spiritual and calming with a jewel like pallet, Rachel's are atmospheric and often referred to as "Turner like", having great depth, yet soft and gentle.

Add to this, a wonderful selection of ceramics, sculpture, glass and jewellery, and it makes the gallery a real must to visit.

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Address: Art World Gallery, 62 Church Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3DS

Art World Gallery

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