OK enough snow already

From 8 December 2009

Both ferries still running but roads and quays a bit slippery

 Snow generally provides optimists the chance to enjoy a clean canvas for hope of things to come especially when joined by the first showing of daffodils.

This said we think it is time Cornwall reverts to the sub tropical paradise of rightful expectation. Palm trees just don't look right covered in snow!

We are busy signing up new partners for King Harry's Cornwall and making sure all the ferries refits go to plan ready for May.  No answer yet on the Fal Oyster Card but looking forward to getting this working for the spring time.

I have been asked to help, as a founder board member of the Destination Management Partnership, working with, I am glad to say many old friends from King Harry's Cornwall, to help the County gain sustainable benefit from the Visitor Economy. This is a great opportunity for the public and private sectors to work together to make good things happen.

So roll on April and please stop with the snow.....