Orca Sea

One of Cornwall's top boat trips.

Wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.


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Orca Sea Safaris

Orca Sea Safaris, one of Cornwall's top boat trips, offer wildlife watching and coastal safaris in some of the UK’s most stunning waters.

Leaving from Falmouth on the purpose-built Seaquest of Falmouth, our trips take in the spectacular sights of the Carrick Roads.

Our aim is to introduce you to the outstanding beauty of our coastline, while looking for wildlife that may be in the area. A huge array of species visit the area including dolphins, seals, whales, seabirds and basking sharks.

While seeing all of these amazing animals can never be guaranteed, Cornwall’s coastal waters offer the perfect environment for pods of dolphins, groups of seals, basking sharks and whales. 

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Latest Sightings


Atlantic grey seals and pups!

11:00 AM, Mon 18 September 2017
50°W 11' 40" 50°E 11' 40"

This mornings trip did not give up any fins but, heading East to gull rock, all passengers had the experience of seeing four Atlantic grey seal pups resting on the rocks, they were accompanied by 5 adults. Good to see the young ones coming on!

Spotted by Orca Sea Safaris Morning Trip
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