Fermentation at Philleigh Way Fermentation at Philleigh Way Fermentation at Philleigh Way Fermentation at Philleigh Way

Fermentation at Philleigh Way

16 January & 26 March

Pickles might not be the first examples that jump to mind when you think of health foods.

But a growing body of research shows that a diet that includes a regular intake of fermented foods can bring benefits. Fermented foods are preserved using an age-old process that not only boosts the food’s shelf life and nutritional value but can give your body a dose of healthful probiotics — live micro-organisms crucial to good digestion.

We are pleased to introduce Caitlin, owner of Delea Fermented Foods. In a bid to introduce more people to the wonders of living foods like kimchi and kombucha, to encourage better gut health she created Delea Fermented Foods.

Through research into the gut microbiome and the profound effects it can have on our body’s ecosystem. Caitlin saw  first-hand the positive ways in which good food including fermented foods, can transform lives and even alleviate chronic illnesses.

During the day course, Caitlin will take you through the process, science and how simple it is to introduce these wonderful foods into your everyday life. Curious about fermentation? Then sign up now.


Course Overview

Duration: 10:00-16:00

Tutors: Caitlin Walsh – Owner Delea Fermented Foods

Welcome: Meet Caitlin and see for yourself the Philleigh Way farmhouse cookery school and garden. Enjoy a morning tea or coffee and tasty Philleigh Way treat.

The Day: The course includes five demonstrations and four practical sessions. All equipment, aprons, food and drink is supplied with a wonderful lunch, keeping your glass topped up with some wonderfully fermented liquid (wine or prosecco!) throughout the day.  We do advise to bring some extra jars and containers in case. 

Close: Have a chat with fellow course attendees and members of the Philleigh Way team. This is a guide to the days activities and may vary depending on the season as well as the group’s interest.

Sample ferments 



Pickled vegetables

Pickled fruits


Ginger beer







Gut bacteria

Healthy bacteria