All at Sea at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall


Exhibition, All at Sea, in association with Beside the Wave Gallery, at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall will celbrate the spirit of the sea.

In Cornwall you are never far from the coast...

Cornwall’s spirit - its culture, heritage, economy and way of life - is intertwined with the coast: coves, beaches, cliffs and harbours; its boats – sailing, fishing, speeding; and its skies which bring ever changing weather systems across its metaphorical bows.

From azure seas and white sands that rival those of the Indian Ocean, to the turbulent and destructive storms that Cornwall shrugs from its granite shoulders, this exhibition is the response of six leading artists to three things which are quintessential to Cornwall’s identity.

"All At Sea" includes important new collections by Andrew Tozer, Amanda Hoskin, Sarah Wimperis, Miles Heseltine, Al Lindsay and Robert Jones.

Each of these artists has a deep and distinctive affinity with the sea, and its relationship with Cornwall's exceptional landscape has been a profound influence on their work.

The exhibition runs from September 10, 2012 to February 6, 2013.