Anvil: The story of Anvil

20 — 23 April 2009

Brilliant music documentary made with love

Mon 20 - Tues 21 April 8.30 Wed 22 April 6.00 Thurs 23 April 8.30

Dir: Sacha Gervasi (2008) USA Documentary 1hr 20min

Brilliant music documentary made with love: a better, real-life Spinal Tap though at times you need to remind yourself that it isn't a hoax. Anvil were a much-loved early 80s Canadian metal band who should've gone supernova... but didn't. The men in the band, who are still playing, are in their 50s, and, while the music industry has moved on, they still dream of their potential comeback. The lead singer and creative force now delivers school dinners in Toronto. His best friend for 40 years is the band's drummer. Their one last chance to salvage something from the diminishing returns of playing at friends weddings forms the narrative for this sweet, funny tale of obsession. Hugely recommended.