6 — 7 May 2009

cast: Freddie Cunliffe, Michael Socha

Wed 6 May 8.30

Thur 7 May 5.45 with producer Samm Haillay Q&A to be confirmed

Dir: Duane Hopkins (2008) UK 1hr 33mins

Cast: Freddie Cunliffe, Michael Socha

Artist Duane Hopkins' inventive debut feature focuses on a group of rural Cotswold youngsters turning to drugs in a depiction of a rarely seen England. The film begins with a funeral following a teenager's overdose: over the following weeks Better Things traces connections between the young people and the very elderly - it's focus almost entirely on the disenfranchised. The excellent non-professional cast based much of their response on their own real-life experience. However this is far removed from documentary conventions. The film is non-linear, and with selective sound design, truly stunning cinematography, and complex editing to convey the numbing effects of narrowed ambition and drug taking. The specific focus on mood recalls the early films by Lynne Ramsay or Terence Davies and the film announces an exciting new British talent.