Bish Bash Bosh perform The Tin Violin


Watch the Tin violin on the banks of the Fal River and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Smugglers Cottage.

Enjoy a stellar performance in spectacular surroundings on the banks of the Fal on Sunday, June 17 at Smugglers Cottage.

Arrive early for the best seats. Hot food, drinks and snacks are available from the cottage (booking is recommended for dinner service) and from the outdoor Tea Bar.

Funny, tragic and compelling, The Tin Violin offers an extraordinary parable of humanity that raises questions about identity, belonging and place, and also turns upside-down preconceived ideas about West Britain and the continent of Africa.

Pre-theatre dinner tickets are avaialable and includea choice of three different types of mussels; Mussels Marinière, Mediterranean Mussels or Thai Mussels all served with a bucket of fries or crusty bread.

You can buy tickets for just the play or for the play and dinner by clicking the buttons below:

Adult tickets £10 theatre only

Child tickets £8 theatre only

Adult tickets £20 theatre and dinner

Child tickets £16 theatre and dinner