DISCOVERY TALK – Philip Marsden’s The Levelling Sea

29 February 2012

Heroes of the Napoleonic wars, Packet captains and sea-waifs all star in this month's Discovery Talk in Falmouth.

DISCOVERY TALK – Philip Marsden’s The Levelling Sea
29 Feb, 6.30pm

Join award winning author Philip Marsden as he talks about his latest book The Levelling Sea

It tells the story of Britain’s maritime past through the port of Falmouth.  From the piratical and astute Killigrew family to the Pellews, heroes of the Napoleonic wars, and from the colourful cast of Packet captains and sea-waifs to Jews and Quakers, Falmouth’s people represented the opening out of the world during the Age of Sail.  
The Levelling Sea has been described as a microcosm of British history, contained within its covers like a ship in a bottle.

Lecture £8
With two-course buffet £18

Please call 01326 214546 for bookings.
Doors & bar open from 6pm.