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Esteban Antonio

17 July 2010

Performing his new album, Awenyow

A Pavilion Production

Performing his new album, Awenyow
Esteban has won acclaim internationally as a ground-breaking composer and flamenco guitarist. Now he has pushed musical boundaries by inventing a 17 string, 3 necked instrument. The Ha-Shem is the first Grand Concert Classical Harp Guitar in the world and was built in Cornwall by Christopher Wood.

"The Ha-Shem doesn't sound like a guitar, even though it is two 11 string guitars together; it is not a harp but it's more like a harp than a guitar! The unique sound of the Ha-Shem together with the use of the bow creates yet another dimension to the overall sound which is a completely new departure in the evolution of sound, harmonies + composition - this is the classical guitar of the 21st Century!"

"Ingenious, one of the greatest guitarists of our century" The Observer

+ Support: Martin Bowie
A professional jazz guitarist who plays and composes on an acoustic nylon stringed guitar. His music is basically a blend that encompasses jazz, classical, Latin and Spanish music, with thick and rich harmonies and melodies, reflecting the styles of the music that he loves.

Starts 8pm Tickets £10 Advance
Seated www.estebanantonio.co.uk

(Esteban pic) credit: paulcoxphotos.com