Livings from the Sea- Conference

29 May 2009

10am-4pm A conference at the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in Falmouth for all those interested in the natural environment with particular reference to the Fal/Helford Marine SAC. A diverse range of speakers will lift the lid on what actually happens below the shoreline.

Conceived and developed by staff and students at Falmouth Marine School, the Conference objectives are to publicise the work being undertaken to conserve the flora and fauna within the Fal/Helford Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and to identify anthropocentric activity within and adjacent to the SAC.

Our coastal waters are of supreme beauty, but what actually happens on and below the water? We will tell stories of reindeer hides, millennia-old traditions of sea-salt manufacture, aquaculture, exploration, shipping, scientific observation...

How do all these activities impact on the natural environment, and can we continue to co-exist peacefully? Are there any implications from long-term climate change