19 — 21 May 2009

Cast: Peggy Cummins, John Dall

Tues 19 May 6.00 Wed 20 May 8.30 Thur 21 May 6.00

Dir: Joseph H. Lewis (1949/Reissue 2009) USA 1hr 27min Black & white.

Cast: Peggy Cummins, John Dall

Gun Crazy is one of the greatest ‘Poverty Row' cult movies in US film history, one of the pinnacles of noir and a major landmark in the love-on-the-run/crime-spree genre. The girl in this case is Laurie (Peggy Cummins), who works as a professional sharpshooter at a carnival. Bart (John Dall) has been passionate about guns since his early childhood and when she picks him from the crowd to challenge him to an on-stage shooting contest, the attraction between them is instant and palpable. Despite being warned that Laurie 'ain't the type that makes a happy home', Bart proposes to her. Laurie soon craves action and when the money runs dry, she persuades Bart that they should become partners in crime.

"Looks magnificent & moves along at a fearful clip"John Patterson, The Guardian