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Deli launches celebration of octopus as part of Fal River Festival

1 April — 31 May 2009

A deli in Falmouth will be hosting the town’s first celebration of octopus as part of this year’s Fal River Festival.

A deli in Falmouth will be hosting the town's first celebration of octopus as part of this year's Fal River Festival.

Provedore, on Trelawney Road, is to hold its one day Pulpo Festival on Saturday, May 30, from 10am - 3pm.

The day, which has been named after the Spanish word for octopus - Pulpo - will also feature music and other entertainment.

"A lot of people are surprised to find that there are three native species of octopus living around the Cornish coast," said Tim MacKenzie, who runs Provedore with his wife, Beverley.

"It is treated as a bi-catch by fishermen, who tend to use them as bait. And if they are destined to become food they tend to be sent aboard, particularly the Mediterranean, where it is an extremely popular dish.

"In Britain people seem to be squeamish about eating them, so that's why we've used the Spanish word Pulpo to promote the day.

"The native species are smaller, but they cook and eat really well, which is the most important aspect."

Despite octopus' unpopularity the team have already had success in encouraging people to eat the dish.

"We set up a stall at last year's Newlyn Fish Festival," added Tim, who opened Provedore 18 months ago with the aim of using Cornish produce to create Mediterranean dishes.

"Using a Greek recipe we cooked up 40kg and it sold out really quickly, as people loved it."

The Pulpo Festival will form part of the larger Fal River Festival, which runs from May 22 - 31, and aims to celebrate life on and around the river Fal.

Festival director, Toby Budd, said: "We're really excited about having the Provedore team on board for the festival.

"I love going to the deli myself and I'm excited about trying their octopus dishes."

For more information please visit www.falriverfestival.co.uk or call Toby Budd on 01872 861913 or www.provedore.co.uk or call Tim MacKenzie on 01326 314888.