Franklyn (15)

25 — 28 April 2009

Tough urban fairytale that spans two worlds

Sat 25 April 6.00 & 8.15 Sun 27 April 8.00 Mon 28 April 8.30

Dir: Gerald McMorrow (2009) UK 1hr 38mins

Cast: Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley

Tough urban fairytale that spans two worlds - modern-day London where artist Emilia (Green) is depressed and Milo (Sam Riley last seen in Control) searches for a lost love, and a strange future city, where atheist vigilante Jonathan Preest (Phillippe) battles a society where religion is mandatory. Though its fragmented structure and enigmatic style can be testing at times, this atmospheric fantasy feature by first-time British director McMorrow is a triumph of ambition and invention. Zig-zagging between now and the future, Franklyn tells four apparently separate stories that come together in a twist. This is an original and intelligent cult sci-fi with an intriguing young cast with more to offer than just pain weirdness.