GARDENS IN AUTUMN (Jardins en automne) (PG)

17 — 18 April 2009

Cast: Severin Blanchet, Michel Piccoli

Fri 17 April 5.45 Sat 18 April 8.30

Dir: Otar Iosseliani (2006) France 1hr 55mins Subtitled

Cast: Severin Blanchet, Michel Piccoli

Otar Iosseliani has made a delicately flavoured, gentle, charming movie, with a characteristic surreal tinge, about what happens to us when the perpetual distraction of work is removed from our field of vision. Séverin Blanchet plays a minister in the French government who having been forced to resign, can cultivate the joys of leisure, a little bittersweet, perhaps, but no less delightful for happening late in life: these are the gardens in autumn. The minister's post-retirement existence seems hardly less eventful than when he was employed as a minister. The whole movie is inherently playful, like a farce taken at flâneur pace, and very likable. (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian).