17 — 20 April 2009

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bee Yang, Ahney Her

Fri 17 April 8.30 Sat 18 April 5.45 Sun 19 April 8.00 Mon 20 April 5.45

Dir: Clint Eastwood (2008) USA 1hr 57min

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bee Yang, Ahney Her

In Eastwood's follow-up to his superb Changeling he stars as Walt Kowalski, retired Detroit autoworker, Korean War veteran, and politically incorrect bigot. Walt is unable to conceal his disdain for life in general and his latest neighbours, many of whom are Hmong people from south-east Asia. One such is shy teen Thao (Bee Yang), whose reluctant initiation into a local gang involves stealing Walt's beloved 1972 Gran Torino, causing much conflict. But as the film proceeds, with Thao's sassy sister Sue arousing both Walt's protective instincts and his hitherto neglected capacity for self-analysis, it becomes both complex and engaging. Predictably superior fare from the great US director.