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IL DIVO (15)

9 — 12 May 2009

Cast: Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto

Fri 9 - Sat 10 May 5.45 & 8.30 Sun 10 May 8.00 Tues 12 May 8.00

Dir: Paolo Sorrentino (2008) Italy 1hr 57min Subtitled

Cast: Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto

This magnificent and loopy depiction of post-war Italian politics traces Guilio Andreotti's years in power. Andreotti was prime minister seven times from the 70s to the 90s: the film examines how he maintained his power base while being accused of alleged ties to the mafia. With a wonderfully grotesque (though subtle) lead performance by Toni Servillo, driving rock score, non-linear narrative, and swooping camerawork this fabulous epic will leave you gasping. Imagine two periods of Martin Scorsese's career overlapping (both the early energy of Mean Streets with the visually operatic qualities of Casino) and you are in the right ballpark. A word of advice: enjoy this flow & bravura of this movie while not worrying too much if you are a bit lost.

"Best sit back and be dazzled"Peter Kemp, Total Film