Mylor Sessions - 'The Deadly Gentlemen'

25 November 2011

'Epic folk' and 'grasscore' comes to Mylor with American band The Deadly Gentlemen.

The DEADLY Gentlemen - Friday 25th Nov 2011 - Tremayne Hall, Mylor, UK

Doors 7pm | Bar | £10 advance or £12 on door

The Deadly Gentlemen are an American "epic folk & bluegrass band" led by GREG LISZT the amazing banjo player from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S Sessions Band. We've been lucky to get a date on their UK & European tour which is a major coup for the MYLOR SESSIONS.

Those who've seen Greg playing with SPRINGSTEEN or the US band CROOKED STILL won't want to miss this gig!

There are five band members: Greg Liszt, banjo and vocals; Stash Wyslouch, guitar and vocals; Mike Barnett, fiddle and vocals; Dominick Leslie, mandolin and vocals; and Sam Grisman, double bass and vocals. "Instead of having a lead singer, we use a nonstop orchestration of somewhat unconventional vocals, with everybody in the band doing everything they can.

Expect a lot of three-part harmony singing, group shouting, really dense rhymes and an almost rap-like phrasing. Most of the songs on our new CD are reinventions of traditional folk songs, but you might not notice that if you weren't a big folk music enthusiast.

There's a murder ballad (done acoustic death metal style), a song about moonshining, a rockabilly blues, and a rewrite of an old-time song about the police coming to get you. There are also a couple songs about the ups and downs of living the dream - you know, playing music.

Our songs have kind of a rock ‘n' roll feel, despite the acoustic bluegrass instrumentation. The melodies tend toward the anthemic side, and the upright bass is usually pretty in-your-face.

The album does have a slight sense of humor but no real jokes, per se. And in case you were wondering, there are no bad words on the album"

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