Sheelanagig at Miss Peapod's

22 June 2013

Sheelanagig performing in Penryn, at Miss Peapod. Tickets £8. Time 8pm.

Sheelanagig’s origins lie between the now defunct Dartington College of arts in South Devon and the diverse melting-pot of the Bristol music scene.

Formed in early 2005 the band had an instant chemistry and set about playing at every pub, club and open mic night they could get their hands on.

Described in an early review in Venue Magazine as “fresh and distinctive”, with “rhythmic variety and great imagination”, the band gained a considerable local following and quickly earned a reputation for their exhilarating and intense live performances.

It was on the festival scene, however, that the band really began to make their mark outside Bristol. Early successes at Shambala, Knockengorroch and the Bath Fringe Festival helped to build Sheelanagig’s reputation.

Date: 22 June 2013, 8pm.

Tickets: £8.

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