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Son of Dave

4 September

S'all about the blues... At Princess Pavilion, Falmouth. Time: 8pm.

Well, well, well, look who's back...


Son of Dave says that people often ask him, "What kind of bluesman comes from Winnipeg in Canada, but has lived in London for more than 15 years?

What kind of bluesman gets drunk at a party and does the dishes to avoid chitchat? What kind of bluesman doesn't abandon his illegitimate children to go adventuring?"

You might also ask, "What kind of bluesman has had a book of columns written for award-winning The Stool Pigeon music newspaper published? What kind of bluesman is a raconteur that actually gives a shit about keeping people entertained? What kind of bluesman has a YouTube channel, on which he posts covers of improbable songs like 'Bonkers' by Dizzee Rascal and anarchically reviews the latest singles by Beyoncé, Stooshe and Kendrick Lamar?"

Son of Dave – Benjamin Darvill – will decide what this bluesman will do and for his fifth album, Blues At The Grand, he says: "I decided I was going to make a happier record and stop screaming about the hell I was in. I won the trust and custody of my kid, I won the hearts of audiences and I finally found a good woman. I have a new baby in a blues ranch on the hill, and I will fight anyone who says that isn't cool as ****. The hardest road you can take is full of love and sacrifice; sticking your neck out to do something different."

Come see him in Falmouth to find out more ...

Doors 7.30pm, Starts 8pm

Tickets £12 Seated