Tea Masterclass with Tregothnan


Jonathon Jones will be hosting 'Tea Takes on the World' at School Cottage on the Tregothnan Esate on Thursday 29th November.

Jonathon Jones will be hosting a Tea Masterclass at School Cottage, Tregothnan on the 29th November.

The beautiful Wild Escape property will be transformed into a 'Tea School,' whereTregothnan are inviting a limited amount of people to attend the day event to learn more about the world of tea.

It will be a 10am start with an introduction on Britain's tea history and future, how and where the Camellia sinensis grows, and the manufacture of teas.

There will then be a walk to the new plantation at the Himalayan Valley plus an exploration of the herbal tea gardens at Barn Close.Lunch will be a delicious Cornish feast of local delicacies including pasties and cream teas.

The afternoon session will focus on the story from bush to cup, the differences in loose leaf and tea bags, tea and health, perfect brewing, and why men need to 'man up' and drink more tea!

The day will conclude with a forum and tea tasting certificates will be rewarded. Scheduled end time is 4.30pm.

The day-event costs £99.

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