The Many Lives of the Cutty Sark...

25 November 2009 the Maritime Museum

Cutty Sark, 140 years old this year, has outlived her original design life several times over. In a fascinating illustrated talk at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall on 25 November, Jessica Beverly will explore the many lives of the Cutty Sark.

Originally a cargo ship, Cutty Sark has survived typhoons, mutiny and a major fire in 2007. The talk will cover her entire life, from her career as a trading vessel to the current conservation project and plans for the future of the world's last tea clipper.

Jessica Beverly, curator from the Cutty Sark Trust, says: "In 1922, Cutty Sark's continued existence was ensured by Wilfred Dowman, from Flushing, who saved her for the nation and lovingly restored her. With her many links to Falmouth, it's wonderful to be giving this lecture here at the Maritime Museum."

Tickets for the talk entitled The Many Lives of the Cutty Sark,
Date: Wednesday 25 November,
Tickets Available: from the Maritime Museum
Price: £7 for lecture only and £16 to include two-course buffet.
Telephone: 01326 214546

Doors and bar open from 6pm. To book your seats please call 01326 214546.