The Purple Project and The ZZ Tops

19 March 2010

The classic sounds of Deep Purple & ZZ Top

Friday 19 March

A Pavilion/Flick Presentation

THE PURPLE PROJECT: Recreating the unbelievable power and intensity of Deep Purple in full flight! All experienced session musicians who've worked with members of many top bands including Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake, etc. The band's focus is firmly on the music with songs picked from the extensive album and singles back catalogue, including the classics; Hush, Burn and of course, Smoke on the Water!

THE ZZTOPS: Formed to celebrate the music and career of one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time, This lil ol' band nails the look, the sound and the overall vibe of the Texas Trio with the beards, the cheap sunglasses, the fuzzy guitars, the outfits and all the moves!! "It's the closest I've seen!" says Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP - Praise indeed! Simply put, it's loud, lively and a whole lot of fun, just like the real thing in fact - which of course is what being the best ZZ TOP tribute band around is all about!

Starts 8.30pm    Tickets £12 Advance

Standing Show

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