Explore the ancient town of Penryn. Penryn is rich with history, culture and beautiful riverside views.


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An ancient market town, Penryn is steeped in history and culture.


Situated along the Penryn river, just one mile away from the maritime port of Falmouth, Penryn was once a thriving port for tin and copper exports.

Nowadays Penryn is mostly residential, but the old streets have some beautiful architecture dating back to Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian times.

The town boasts a good museum, great waterside cafes and great travel links.

What's On in Penryn

Surya Yoga Camp

Surya Yoga Camp

26 — 31 May

4-day festival of yoga at Chyan Cultural Centre

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26 May +5 Days
Open Studios: Charlotte Jones

Open Studios: Charlotte Jones

27 May — 4 June

11am - 5pm except for Sundays 12pm - 4pm, Mabe Burnthouse,

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27 May +8 Days
Open Studios:: Nina Fenner

Open Studios:: Nina Fenner

29 May — 4 June

Halvasso, Penryn, 11am -5pm,

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29 May +6 Days

Places to Stay in Penryn

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Glasney Rooms & Flats

Self catering, low cost, summer accommodation

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Falmouth Holiday Homes

High quality holiday homes located all around the banks of the Fal River.

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Bell Cottage

A traditional cottage for two situated on outskirts of the ancient borough of Penryn

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