Best: Woodfired Sessions at Philleigh Way

9 July

Our Woodfired Session ‘Best’ (Cornish for Beast) nights are a celebration of a typical Argentinian Asado where beef is the star of the show. Slow cooked on the Parrilla will be short ribs or flank steaks served with chimichurri and a variety of authentic side dishes and sharing plates. Woodfired Sessions are a true spectacle where food is cooked in the wood oven or on the parrilla in front of diners in our outdoor kitchen.

On 'Best' evenings we'll be serving short beef ribs or flank steak with chimichurri salsa, Empanadas (an Argentinian version of a small Cornish pasty) and Choripans or Morcilla (typical asado sharing dishes).

Each evening will finish with a delicious homemade Philleigh way dessert.

There will be bread baking in our new wood oven, whilst your food is gently cooking in front of you on our new 'parrilla'. Menus will change nightly and dishes will vary upon seasonality and the availability of local produce.

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