Angelica Shelon-Fentem - Open Studios

23 — 31 May

Explore the Open Studios around the Fal River in the Fal River Festival. Artists and crafts people around the river throw open their doors for the public to have a look.

Emersed from a early age with a love for the water, Angelica grew up in Falmouth where Grandfather was a boat builder with boatyards in Falmouth, Flushing and Ponsharden.


In his spare time, her grandfather painted and would often moor up in the river and get his paints out.

He passed this talent onto Angelica and taught her the rudiments of oil-painting as a child.

Today, her work is mostly in oils, and she is currently working on paintings inspired by my childhood.

Time: 11am - 5pm not open 27th or 28th
Venue: Potagear Gardens, Constantine
Booking: Just turn up