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Ferry Trip to Meet Tres Hombres - The Worlds Only Transatlantic Engine-less Cargo Vessel

1 May

Join us as we celebrate this exceptional ship, her cargo of delicacies and the adventures she's had at sea.

Wave the ship in from the water aboard the local ferry. Ticket includes a pasty but places are limited, so please book here.

Celebrating Sail Shipped Cargo in Falmouth

New Dawn Traders welcome Sailing Cargo Vessel Tres Hombres on her arrival in Falmouth (UK) this April.

The world's only trans-Atlantic, engine-less cargo vessel, Tres Hombres, will arrive in Falmouth on 1st May 2015 as part of her sixth consecutive journey from Europe to the Caribbean and back.

Trading in the finest ethical products all along her route, Tres Hombres is leading the way towards reviving an industry in shipping goods under sail.

This beautiful brigantine, the first of the Fairtransport Shipping fleet, set sail from Holland in October 2014, calling in to Norway, France, Portugal and the Canaries on her way to the Caribbean, and returning via Bermuda, the Azores and England before the last leg to her home port in the Netherlands.

Her belly is filled to the brim with rum and cocoa part of which is destined to become our very own New Dawn Rum and New Dawn Chocolate available in the UK only.

We are honoured to work with this majestic ship and be part of the growing Fair Transport family!