30 August

Gogmagog: ancient Cornish Myth gets the Flash Gordon treatment. Venue: Cathedral Green, Truro.

What happens when you take an ancient Cornish Myth, spice it up with an eclectic mix of space-age ingredients and serve it inside a medieval rocket-ship arena?


This is ‘Gogmagog’ - a futuristic re-telling of our ancient Cornish creation myth that will transport you to a whole new world of epic, immersive theatre.

Tracing their roots back to the siege of Troy, the Pirates of the Dream Goddess have crash-landed their gleaming spacecraft in Kernow.

Heading up this press-gang of cosmic-smugglers is Cap’n Brutus.

He is rounding-up a bunch of unsuspecting refugees to help him make his dream come true; before you know it we will all be sailing off through space-time to colonise an uncharted planet.

But, defending the New World against all incomers is that most fearsome of all legendary giants; Gogmagog.

Where amongst us is the hero who might challenge this alien monster to a Cornish Wrestling bout and fulfill the ancient prophecy?

Step up Corin, the Intergalactic Giant-Slayer!

Golden Tree Productions, the makers of ‘Kernocopia’ and ‘Seize the Day’, promise us an extraordinary collision of ancient and contemporary Cornish culture.

As in a medieval ‘Plen an Gwari’ amphitheatre, the set, staging and performers surround the audience, immersing them in the action.