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Jez Hellard & Scott Cook at Miss Peapod's

2 May

Scott Cook is an Alberta, Canada-based, tirelessly traveling songwriter with heart forever on sleeve.

He brings humour, a disarming honesty, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to his song-craft and storytelling.


His deep caramel voice and witty onstage keep audiences spellbound and send them home with a spring in their step.

Cook's songs are true stories set to music, drawing on influences from folk and old-time country to soul and blues. He has made his living playing music full-time since 2007, touring extensively in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

A singer of potent songs, stunning harmonica player and fine guitarist, Jez Hellard thrives on music of all stripes. Whether solo, or with his band, The Djukella Orchestra, his passion and skill have gathered an ever growing fan-base over three continents.

Born in Cumbria, with a Scots/English background, Jez grew up in a village in Northamptonshire and has been wandering the world, singing and playing for as long as he's been able. Since returning to the UK from Asia in 2005, he has played more than 800 gigs; from Vancouver to Istanbul, New York to Taipei, sharing stages with the likes of Dick Gaughan and Rory Mcleod. From Glastonbury Festival and Canada's North Country Fair to theatres, venues, clubs house-concerts around the world.

Since meeting in a stairwell in Taiwan sometime in 2001, Scott and Jez have remained firm friends and take every opportunity to tour together. Their duo show is full of surprises, humour, and sweet music.

"Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on." -David Francey

"Chameleon troubadour, multi-tasking wandering minstrel, Hellard blazes a Balkan blitz of potent, diverse discourses." Netrhythms Magazine

Tickets: £7