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Rosie Vanier's "Lightknife Band"

1 March

Rosie Vanier's "Lightknife" Band at Miss Peapod's, Penryn. Tickets: £5/6.

They saw the sky filled with a neon flicker, the melting peroxide burn of the city at night.


They heard the endless ‘click click click’ of electricity on the line and the programmed voice that bleats its repeat warning.

Imagine a lifetime of concrete under your feet if you want to know how bad bad feels, the clunk of the elevator door always going up; floor 1,2,3… No floor 13. It’s never there. So much is just never there. Just in case. And the taxi driver hollering some obscenity about some unfortunate whilst you try to find a signal on a phone that’s supposed to be smarter than you are.

Time ebbs away silently. Now it’s hot and steamy and the nights seem to just burn away. But the wheel keeps turning and soon the day’s gone by and the dancefloor heaves its irresistible force. Outside, you always remain on the outside, looking desperately in. But they’re inside making their history. Feverishly moving, jerking. swaying. This ain’t no disco, this is voodoo. It oozes sweat and walks tall so people turn and stare. They say don’t just watch it, don’t just live it, BE IT.

So BE IT if you can. Dance hard, gossip less. Don’t stand back- indulge in life. Be cheap and hot like sex on a street corner in the dark with a stranger, interrupted only by the flicker, the relentless flicker of the blue red neon on the sign above, right until that moment when it feels like you finally arrive. Ignore everything. Be nothing for just that moment. Be IT.

Tickets: £5 adv / £6 door