Drink: Gin & Eldeflower Cocktail and Bramble Gin

From 2 July

A perfect mix for the summer evenings... Two delicious ideas from The Rosevine and The Greenbank Hotel.

Gin & Eldeflower Cocktail

Mix one measure of Cornish gin with half a measure of elderflower cordial.

Top up with tonic or apple juice and finish with a few freshly torn mint leaves and some very thinly sliced cucumber.

And as Robbie, the General Manager at The Rosevine says, it’s best enjoyed relaxing on their lawn on a sun lounger with views looking out to sea!

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Bramble Gin

As an alternative to elderflower, Matt Terry, Bar Manager at The Greenbank hotel recommends Bramble Gin.

A contemporary classic created in the mid 80's at Freds Club in Soho, it is made with Bombay Sapphire and lemon juice plus a little blackberry so it is a perfect balance of sweet and sour with berries.

Take an old fashioned glass and fill with crushed ice. Pour in two parts of Bombay Sapphire gin and squeeze half a lemon through a fine sieve. Add a tiny drizzle of sugar and then slowly drizzle blackberry liqueur over the top. Garnish with two blackberries. Simple but sublime.

Even better, you can get two cocktails for £10 at The Greenbank every Friday this summer.

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