Recipe: Shellfish Linguine Recipe: Shellfish Linguine Recipe: Shellfish Linguine Recipe: Shellfish Linguine

Recipe: Shellfish Linguine

20 July 2016

This month we join head chef Nick Hodges at the Water's Edge Restaurant at The Greenbank Hotel.

Shellfish Linguine (with Palourde clams, crab, scallops and garlic butter)

Head Chef Nick Hodges said: "One of my favourite summery dishes made with fresh local seafood. Perfect for al fresco dining in the garden! The clams often known as 'surf clams' can be picked in the estuary at Rock. And of course Cornish crab and delicious scallops are in abundance right on our doorstop in Falmouth."

(Serves two)


For the seafood and pasta:
· 300g cooked linguine

· 200g clams

· 50g picked white crab meat

· Four scallops (ask your fishmonger to open and clean)

For the butter (blend all the ingredients in softened butter):

· 125g salted butter

· ½ lemon zest and juice

· A large shallot, cut into small slices

· Pinch of chopped fresh dill

· Pinch of chopped parsley

· Three bulbs of garlic

· ¼ glass of white wine


Three steps to the bowl:

1. Heat the pan, hot! Add a smear of oil and place in the shellfish. Cook for two to three minutes.

2. Add the butter and allow to cook, softening the shallot. When the clams open (cooked) and the butter starts to catch, pour in ¼ of a glass of good white wine, then reduce by half.

3. Add the cooked pasta and season. Serve warm and enjoy.

The Greenbank Hotel's award-winning Water's Edge restaurant offers a very similar seafood linguine dish on its new summer dinner menu.

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