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4 February 2017

To veil or not to veil? That is the question...

Legend has it that apparently brides used to wear veils to ward off demons. Later on this evolved into wearing veils to prevent the groom from seeing the brides face until they were legally married. This used to be because quite often the bride and groom hadn't met each other. We then turned this into a sweet tradition where the groom doesn't see the brides face until the moment of marriage (despite having probably dated her for some time!).

It's also rumoured that lifing the veil symbolizes ownership therefore the groom owns his new bride! There are lots of variations on these stories but as you can see, this is pretty outdated stuff so it's no surprise that so many brides are opting not to wear a veil anymore.

But it's also quite a nice tradition and with so many different types, from Blusher to Fingertip to Birdcage or Cathedral length, it can be a beautiful addition to the dress. And it's the only time you'll get the opportunity to wear a veil. We're in two camps! We can understand why brides wouldn't wear one – with all of the antiquated reasons as to why we wore them originally and with so many choices for headwear: tiaras, floral crowns, bespoke hats, headpieces, fresh flowers and more. But also, the romance, tradition and unique opportunity to wear one are so great.

What do you think? We would love to know – are you Team Veil or not and why?