We love… Zena Birch We love… Zena Birch We love… Zena Birch We love… Zena Birch

We love… Zena Birch

8 August 2017

What can we say about Zena? She’s the sort of woman who once you meet you never forget. Zena is a popular and highly personal humanist wedding celebrant. What is a humanist wedding? It is a ceremony that is not religious in content but can be as formal or informal as you choose.

Imagine a ceremony tailored exactly how you would like it, with as much or as little structure as you decide.  A wedding that can take place anywhere you wish, in a castle, on a beach, beneath a tree… at midday, midnight or dawn.  It truly is that personal.

Write your own vows or even your own readings, keep it simple or fill it with all of your family members and give each person a role to play, it is a beautifully bespoke way to tie the knot and we can think of no better (wedding) ring leader than Zena.

Warm and friendly, yet colourful and full of character, Zena will learn everything she can about her couples so that by the time the big day arrives she will feel very much a friend rather than a celebrant. She will create a bespoke ceremony around who you are and the lives you are intertwining, learning not just about the two of you but also your extended family, your closest friends, even your pets.

A wedding ceremony should reflect who you are and your unique union and Zena aces this. We have been very privileged to see Zena in action and the warmth, love and light that she adds to such a special day.  She puts everyone at ease, fitting in with friends and family seamlessly and our tip… make sure you have an extra place laid out for the wedding, we assure you you’ll be asking her to join you once the ceremony is over!

Intimate, emotive and romantic, Zena’s weddings have a reputation far and wide for her individual and distinctive ceremonies, full of love and zest.

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